Indigeneity and Latino Consciousness in the music of Catalino ‘Tite’ Curet Alonso

Vol. 6, núm. 1, 2018

Por: Andrés Espinoza Agurto

The importance of Catalino ‘Tite’ Curet Alonso’s work in Salsa is something that cannot be overestimated. Curet Alonso began participating very early in the New York-based late 60s Salsa boom, and even at that stage, he aided in developing the consciousness of salseros by including socially conscious lyrical references that dealt with themes that diverted from the usual escapisms that were, and still are, so prevalent in popular Latin music. This paper investigates Curet Alonso’s activist ideals, his presentation of indigenous issues within two of his compositions, and how these ideas combined function in larger conceptualizations of Latino ethnic consciousness.


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