Voice, after the Anthropocene (performance)

Vol. 7, núm. 1, 2019

Por: Joel Rust

In March 2018, I attended a discussion of art and climate change, at which theater artist Julia Levine said something that stuck with me: that, in our current situation, every story can be heard – or told – as a climate story.

“Voice, after the Anthropocene” is about a science fiction opera entitled The Conifers that I’m currently writing in collaboration with poet David Troupes. I began sculpting The Coni-fers’ electronic part while artist-in-residence at Fire Island National Seashore, two hours east of New York, which had been severely affected by Hurricane Sandy – in particular, the nar-row barrier island was split in half, making much of it hard to access. Working there, I be-came increasingly aware of the centrality of the climate story within the opera’s story. Hur-ricane Maria renewed the urgency of this and showed to me afresh the complexity the state of relations between humans, human activities, and the natural world.

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